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We believe school fundraising should be as enjoyable as it is sustainable

Are you seeking to provide families with fundraising products that they’ll really want and use? Or, perhaps you’d like to promote a message of health and eco-friendliness by avoiding junk food and consumable fundraisers.  What if your fundraiser could actually integrate right into the classroom setting and enhance children’s education? 

ArtBox is your solution!  Our products are as original as the children who design them, and are sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

Raise money with timeless keepsakes.

Open up any childhood memory box, and what will you find? Priceless artwork and photos! We give parents many beautiful ways to showcase their child’s creations for years to come.

Inspire… imagination, creativity, and confidence through art education.

Share… the joy of displaying and celebrating each child’s talent.

Support… your school’s fundraising efforts with irresistible and timeless products.

How Does It Work?

Sign up with ArtBox, and we will supply you with promotional materials and free art paper for each student.  Students will create their masterpieces in class and your school will submit them back to us.

We will carefully produce a high-resolution scan of each masterpiece to be displayed on any of our quality products. Parents will receive an order form showing their child’s artwork and the many products available for purchase.  All original artwork will be returned to school.

Your school will earn a sizeable percentage of each order placed.  The success of an ArtBox fundraiser lies in the fact that parents love to invest in the creations of their children!